Booking Conditions

1. Mobile homes must not be occupied by a total of more than their reserved category capacity.

2. The hirer may take possession of the caravan between 3pm and 10pm on the day of arrival and must vacate the caravan by 10am on the day of departure.

3. You will find an inventory list of the equipment in the mobile home.

Any disputes about the condition of the caravan must be made on arrival, upon which all reasonable efforts will be made to deal with any proper complaint. It will be considered that the hirer is satisfied if we have not been notified to the contrary within 24 hours.

4. On your arrival, you will have to pay a cleaning and damage deposit of 275€ which will be returned to you at the end of your hiring after inspection.

5. The hirer is responsible for keeping and leaving the caravan and all its contents in a good, clean condition, ready for the next occupier, and failure to comply will result in a charge being made to the hirer equivalent to the cost of returning the caravan and contents to the stipulated condition i.e. a minimum of 75€.

6. The hirer is responsible for making good any loss or damage to the caravan and contents during the period of hire. A full inventory is on display in each caravan, and any cleaning charge (see item 4) loss or damage will be deducted from the deposit. If the deposit is insufficient the hirer must pay the balance before departure, and the owner may exercise a lien on the hirer's property until payment is made.


Up to 6 weeks before start of hire............Deposit only
From 4 to 6 weeks before start of hire.......30% of total hire charge
From 1 to 4 weeks before start of hire.......60% of total hire charge

No refund or compensation will be made if cancellation advice does not reach the owner before the day hire is due to commence, and cancellation advice will only be valid upon receipt by the owner.

8. The hirer undertakes to observe and comply with the standard campsite rules and regulations currently in force. These are in the office and must be read and adhered to throughout the period of hiring.

9. The contents of the accompanying letter and brochure, including any descriptions of the site and its amenities, are believed to be correct, but the owner cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any incorrect statement or description contained therein.

10. The hirer is advised to take out insurance. The hirer acknowledges that a caravan holiday is of a substantially different nature to that taken in an apartment or hotel, and agrees that he will make no claim whatsoever of any nature for any loss, damage, or consequential loss howsoever caused, and will indemnify the owner against such claim brought by any member of his party.

11. The hirer acknowledges that no representations or warranties have been made and he has relied on none in entering into this contract. No alteration or variation in these conditions will have any validity unless in writing and signed by the owner.

12. The Parc Val Rose has 165 plots and is classified as a campsite "Loisir grand confort" by the agreement of the Prefecture on the 6th December 2011.