Tourtour, classed as one of the most beautiful villages of France, has views that dominate a large slice of Provence.
The architecture and the environment have been well preserved, the principal square is spacious and welcoming ; the streets opening out on to an exceptional panorama.
Far from the noise and turmoil of the main roads, Tourtour is a charming village surrounded by grasslands and meadows, with springs that feed the eight village fountains as well as turn the wheel of the old olive oil mill, still in working order.
The Church of Saint Denis, the two castles with their impressive towers, the winding village streets and the many flowered squares, take one back to medieval times.
However, Tourtour stays a vibrant and lovely village, able to preserve its rural lifestyle alongside its touristic and cultural advantages, remaining welcoming. The population is already proving its European appeal.

(source : Office du tourisme TOURTOUR)

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