Saint Tropez

International tourist capital which became a myth, St Tropez contributed to the fame of la Côte d'Azur.
At St Tropez everything is famous and celebrated:

  • The beaches such as Bouillabaisse, Caneliers, Salins, Pampelonne,... we count about forty on the peninsula.
  • The square , La Place des Lices where, under platane trees, takes place the Pétanque mixing stars of the show business and local stars wearing the famous leather sandals, the "Tropéziennes" and sipping Pastis.

St Tropez became St Trop from 1950, when the Parisian artistic and intellectual world, bewitched by the charm of the small port, came down to St Trop for the summer. One could meet on the port: Sagan, Picasso, Prévert and many others.
The myth escalated with Brigitte Bardot's arrival in the 60's. Since then, St Tropez became one of the favorite destination of stay and relaxation of the worldly Tout-Paris and the international Jet set.


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