Les îles d'or

Treasures of the coast, the 3 golden islands, facing the harbour of Hyères, are the jewels of this part of the coast. Loaded with history and remains of a rich past, they are also places of very pleasant excursions all year round:

Porquerolles, the biggest, possesses the most beautiful beaches, to discover walking or biking.
Port-Cros, National Park, famous for its submarine fauna and flora.
L'ile du Levant, the paradise of the nudists.
The access to the Islands is easy from La Londe Les Maures from April to November: departures for Porquerolles, Port-Cros, cruise of both Islands, coastal tour with stopover at Port-Cros,etc...
A legend told by the Hyères'writer Gustave Roux, speaks about 4 girls of a surprising beauty whose father, Prince Olbianus, was very proud of.
One day, while they were swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, pirates' sails appear on the horizon. Their father, aware of the danger, begs them to return as soon as possible towards the coast, but the unfortunates had already gone too far. In despair, the father kneels down on the beach and implores the sky to save his unfortunates treasures. Suddenly, a metamorphosis happens.
The four girls felt their members transformed, stiffening, petrifying: they were changed in islands, and the one who, closer from the coast, had already stretched out her tearful arms towards her father, became the delicious Peninsula of Giens.


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