Le Lavandou

At a quarter of an hour from the Parc Valrose, Le Lavandou also called "La Cité des Dauphins" (the city of the dolphins), is a compulsory visit.
This fishermen's authentic village is situated on the edges of the Mediterranean Sea, in front of the Islands of Le Levant and Port-Cros.
Le Lavandou is:
-12 kilometres of coast where beaches and creeks blend into different colors, from light blue to azure and amethyst to the turquoise color of the sea.
-12 marvellous beaches with thin sand, whose granulometry and variety of colors are a real geological curiosity.
Le Lavandou is nested at the foot of the Maures Mountains in a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation and a protected environment.

(source OT Le Lavandou)

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